Acca scuse me!

My two favourite things to do in the evenings being the social pariah that I am are to read and to watch films.

I have been reading through a series by the author Elizabeth Moon recently called the Serrano legacy and love it – the lead characters are always female and are usually balancing family expectations and their own need to forge a path for themselves. I love scifi as a genre and think she does an amazing job at scene setting and making me care about the characters, I tend to binge read though and so until I got as far as I could all I did was read.

While I am waiting for the next book of the series to find its way to me I went back to my other evening past time and finally watched Bridget Jones Edge of Reason – I had watched the first film finally this year after avoiding it because, why would I watch that? (lol) and of course I loved it so my sister lent me the next one on dvd – it was just as awkwardly funny, apart from the fact that I have always crushed on Renee Zellweger ever since Empire Records, the films are just so wonderfully cringey to watch.

I don’t know if I am supposed to empathise with Bridget because my life experience has not exactly been the same – but I frequently do, especially that feeling of something always going wrong despite your best efforts, I experience that regularly.

Finally last night I re-watched some of my favourite films. The Pitch Perfect series. They are comedy gold and the songs are fantastic – I love the dodgeball-esque humour from the desk announcers, I love the riff offs and the music sung because acapella as an art form is amazing – and especially Lilly/Esther’s quiet but scarily dark character. I think they absolutely nail the comedy/plot ratio.  3 films back to back may have been a bit much for one evening but when you forget about the world and spend most of the time stifling giggles then you know it is time well spent.

The sad thing is I probably consider myself to be more Jessica/Ashley than any other characters because I feel that I am quiet and just working hard in the background being completely forgotten – I never liked Bumper, and couldn’t empathise with Jesse, Theo or Benji, and while I was jealous of Beca – I would never be that cool either.

They are slapstick comedy films that get a little more outrageous as they go, they will never be on the same level as films like Papillon, or What Dreams May come – but they are entertaining and take the mick out of themselves too.

I am in a pretty good place at the moment. I feel like Dee 80-90% of the time regardless of what I am wearing – I am finally getting over my viral infection/flu that has been weighing me down for almost a month – sniffles and the odd cough I can cope with, I even went out for a run today which is an exaggeration, I mostly walked, but at least I did my 5km.

It is nice not to feel weighed down.


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