Just a quick thought

It has been a busy but quiet week, my son was ill and so I was being a mean parent not letting him play online with his friends and insisting that he actually spend some of the time in his room.

I have done at least 15 minutes activity every day of January, it is for a mental health awareness charity and is called Red January; the premise being that intentional activity is good for you, especially at this time of year, it has been cold and icy and windy but I have felt good going out, even on the really short walks – due to the increased exercise I have already done 45km of walking/jogging this year, which when I look at it that way seems like a lot!

Today has also been wonderful, I was dressed as Dee around one of my sisters for the first time, all we did was share lunch together but it was nice and relaxed, I was just in jeans and a top, but she is visiting with me for a while and I was explaining that I liked Mondays because I get to be me for a little while, I then realised that having her around does not mean I have to stop that anymore and so I went and got changed and it took my sister a while to recognise the clothes as Dee’s.

I have since had to change because the school day will be ending very shortly, but it was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon.

Unfortunately I have also already had to book out all of my holidays for this coming year and so I know that I may not get to any/many of the Pride days, which makes me sad as I was hoping to increase my time out and not decrease it.

It seems odd having a week with so little to moan about or digest!

Take care


4 thoughts on “Just a quick thought

  1. Congratulations on all those Kilometers. Good for you. Even a short walk is productive. Sorry about your lad being sick as I know that can be a drag. I’m happy you’ve been able to spend time with your sister as Dee.

    Oh, what a pain having to plan holidays out that far so early in the year. I’m sure you will be able to participate in a Pride event in some manner.

    Ahh, the joys of uneventful days. Enjoy them!

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    1. Thanks Judi, I know I think my body just isn’t used to not having something to be really stressing about! I like the anonymity and freedom to be Dee that happens surrounding Pride events, last years weekend gave me so much affirmation that I was on he right path, so I will keep looking.


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