Who would you choose?

Today has been my day off and although I have not been as battered as most parts of the UK by the winter storm, it has been a mix of sleet and showers and strong winds.

I did go out and do a 5km run this morning during a brief sunny interval; but have spent the rest of the day snuggled under a blanket binge watching the Hunger Games films.

In the first and second films I love the outfits that Cinna prepares for Katniss, they are elegant, the makeup is incredible and they make such powerful statements that I thought they would be wonderful to cosplay.

As the films wore on though I start to empathise less and less with Katniss, I dislike the way she manipulates the men in in her life as portrayed in the films, and she comes across as frustratingly shallow, selfish and callous. The only other time I like her outfit is very near the end where she is watching the rain out the door with Peeta, and that is because I love the giant baggy jumper.

As the mockingjay I do not connect with her character enough to want to be her. Which in cosplay is kind of the point, the character portrayal is a homage and the time and effort put into creating them are always labours of love. Do a quick search and you will see what I mean.

Interestingly I then started wondering about Effie Trinket, she is the OTT costume wearing announcer/escort for District 12 and over the course of the films she goes through a total transformation.

She starts out totally clueless, a symbol for oppression and someone whose identity changes as often as the fashions do in the Capitol. She is an unwitting accomplice to the oppression that is all around her, and even when she sees the punishments being doled out to those making the mockingjay symbol in the 2nd film she argues it all away as being normal because it is just so far out of her perception of reality.

During part 1 of the 3rd film she is stripped away of all her masks and costumes and must face up to the world in nothing but a boilersuit and a head scarf. She has to ask herself who she is and what is important to her. She has a massive arc of personal growth, and by the end of the films she has become firm friends to those she was going to send to their deaths, connected with Haymitch who would previously have been considered beneath her, and while she still enjoys the finery, it no longer defines her. Effie is someone I can identify with. Perhaps one day I would consider trying to create a cosplay outfit for her.

At no point in the whole thing did I consider what it would be like to play Peeta or Gale, (I still wish the casting had made it a bit fairer on Peeta) or Haymitch, or Snow, or any of the other male cast, although as I think about it now, the only fun one would be the TV presenter Caesar, but that would rather unironically require me to be loud and brash and and just a puppet churning out the script until the cameras turn off.

I don’t know, perhaps I just do not see myself as the main protagonist, or perhaps I have made too many judgement calls but it has been a fun day.

If you have read the books, or watched the films, then I ask you this. If you were going to cosplay any of the characters from the Hunger Games, or in fact any character at all who would you choose?


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