Restarting electrolysis

It was great to get going with this again. I made the appointment as myself and turned up in a nice top and a pair of jeans, but having driven 3 hrs to be there I decided to ignore the little kitten heeled boots and stick with my comfy trainers.

As soon as I walked in, I received a very warm welcome. The electrolysist was grabbing a quick cup of coffee and told me she was running a bit late but asked me how I was doing, naturally I said I was doing really well, and with a bit of toing and froing I caught her up on 2 years of coming out to folk, her immediate response was, “you look so much better as a woman than you did as a man!”, “to which I replied, “Thankyou. I think so too!”

The receptionist took me through to get the numbing cream on and fill in an updated medical form and she was so nice and chatty. It was the first time I had met her but she is very personable and I know she will be like that with everyone which I did point out to her by saying that a warm welcome makes so much difference when you enter a new place. I was left to read my kindle for a while until it was my turn and then my hour long appointment officially started.

I had to lie down sideways and with nothing on my head to grip onto my hair was moving around a bit, and my electrologist said she would just work around it and just to make sure I was comfortable.

The worst thing about getting it was leaving the hair to grow for two days before hand to make sure that it would be long enough. Walking around presenting female, but with stubble is a very discombulating experience and not one I enjoy, because my facial hair grows down my neck it is visible under the mask, which at least hides the majority of it from a distance.

She was impressed with how much difference our earlier laser sessions had made with the coverage and rate of growth and discussed the option of having longer sessions before I had a chance to bring it up.

She worked mostly down my cheek and a small section on my neck and believes it will take about 8 hours to fully go over my face for the first time. Obviously after this we will need to keep going over it a few times to catch the different growth cycles but she has said if I can cope with the longer sessions I will obviously see more benefits a lot faster.

I reminded her that I don’t mind the elcetrolysis because of the numbing cream, for me it is leagues ahead of the pain from the laser sessions, and we had already done a couple of 3 hr sessions. So I will be returning this weekend and having a two day split shift marathon session to go over the entirity of my face. There was some dry skin and redness after the session, but nothing compared to the pain I felt with laser. I have some cooling gel and plenty of moisturising cream, but she did tell me that if I can get a large tube of Emla cream from my GP it would be a lot cheaper than them providing it for me. Obviously I have always been reticent about using my local current medical practice because I live in a very small town where everyone knows who I am, and if rumours got out it could make my work and therefore my living situation very unsustainable. I can attempt to purchase it onlinve via boots and superdrug but am not sure if they will sell it, I remember a chemist refusing to sell it to me for electrolysis, but maybe I could say I was told to get it for a tattoo? I don’t know. Eventually I will need to deal with my GP and local pharmacy I am just avoiding the inevitable.

Overall though things are going well. It felt great to go to an appointment as myself even if I was self conscious about having far too much facial hair. Intellectually I can reason that any issue with that is someone else’s problem, but realistically I do not have the self confidence needed to have thick enough skin to cope yet. I will try to remember to take a photo after my marathon zapping weekend, which will no doubt look worse than it feels lol!

Take care


7 thoughts on “Restarting electrolysis

  1. What a wonderful update DeeDee! I am sure you looked great! You seem to have a nice sense of style. When I was starting Electro I was so conscious of the hair growth I wouldn’t go out of the house for the two days prior. I used Lidocaine early on but you can get used to it. I stopped any numbing creams quite quickly. After a couple years I went for two hour sessions and it made a big difference, on my face and in my bank account. After a while you won’t experience the puffiness and redness after a session. I think the skin adapts. This was a nice report to read! Cheers, Judi

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    1. Thank you Judi, you are very sweet. 😊 Thankfully the NHS will be paying for the first couple of big sessions, so my bank account will be saved for a little while!


  2. Good to hear things seem to be going your way. That and as the weather cools, a thin scarf may help hide any beard growth.

    A quick look online suggests the cream you mentioned can be ordered and delivered to your home

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  3. Thanks Lynn, it is a controlled order so there is a questionnaire. I may just have to bite the bullet and make a GP appointment. Although it shouldn’t, I just know how easy it is for confidentiality to be broken, especially in small towns and villages!


  4. Sounds like your making progress, DeeDee.

    I could never afford electrolysis on my face or anywhere except, down below for surgery, which my father is going to pay for. I am not looking forward.

    All the best for the future. I have a feeling your going to make it. After some of your latest posts, I am beginning to see more and more of DeeDee. Keep it going, Stephie

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    1. Thanks Stephie, I am making the most of what I can get covered by the NHS. If I had to pay for electrolysis myself it would be reduced to 1-2 hrs once a month. Yet it does make such a big impact to my state of mind. I’m glad you are able to get some help for the essential removal you need. Just research numbing creams available!

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