Enjoying the little things

Having had to cancel my last electrolysis appointment due to storm Arwen making my 3 hour drive to the appointment impractical, and knowing my electrologist is off on holiday for a couple of weeks, I am making the most of being able to shave again.

Weekly appointments have meant that I have not been shaving in order to let the hair grow out to a decent enough length to kill, and it can be extremely frustrating, the joy I feel of being able to see smooth skin on my cheeks when I smile cannot be expressed enough!

My cheeks are now 98% hair free, my neck is 50% better than it was, but still in a constant battle between being itchy or feeling bruised. It is a combination of having sensitive skin, coupled with hairs that grow every which way, making shaving a horrid experience at the best of times, but my face is appreciating the rest and recuperation time. I think I will take some time until after Christmas and then re-engage in the new year as frequently as I can afford until it all goes away.

Today I am making the most of not having to go out anywhere this afternoon and am trying out some new earrings. My sister asked me a short while ago what kind of earrings I like, and as I have literally only just had mine done I struggled to find a cohesive answer.

The first time I took out my earrings at the 6 week mark, even though I had been paranoid about rotating them and cleaning them with saolution, they were so stuck on after seizing and being wedged too tightly as I slept, that when I did eventually manage to pull them off my ears were sore and even started bleeding again where the skin had stuck to the piercing. I cleaned everything up and replaced them, and now a few weeks later I can take them on and off with relative ease.

I feel like for me earrings are another way of expressing myself and my mood, I have to keep the simple studs in day to day for my work, but it would be fun to have something I can wear the rest of the time, even in dad mode (I may end up with wonder woman or captain america earrings for that). have a pair of vintage octopi earrings and a simple celtic cross set of studs winging their way to me that I could wear regardless of presentation.

Yet at the moment I really like dangly earrings.

I have never been a fan of giant hoops, but the light catching the CZ in these dragonfly wings just makes me smile, and there is something about feeling the slight tug as they swing when I walk that makes me feel more in touch with my feminine side and therefore more me.

My tastes may change as time passes, but I suspect that just as I like new sets of dice that reflect the personality and role of each D&D character I play, my earrings will end up being a visible sign to others about how I am feeling, or what I have been up to that day. I need to invest in a treasure chest!

Take care


10 thoughts on “Enjoying the little things

  1. Hi DeeDee, a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Apologies as it is more accurate to use woman here.

    I too have decided to take a break with certain transitioning goals until after the new year. I discuss this in my “Stephie’s Growing Up,” post, so I won’t repeat what I said there.

    Those earrings are adorable. I agree that earrings can enhance your femininity. It was a major reason I chose to get my ears pierced. Eventually, as I am moving past the goal of passing with my appearance (also in that blog post), and into the making myself look the best me (which has led to less misgendering than when the goal was to make sure I pass as best that I could. I believe earrings adds to my self-expression.

    All the best, Stephie

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      1. You welcome DeeDee. I prefer posts. I am afraid to wear hoops or long dangling ones. I do have one that has some crystals on a string that hang down about a half inch. My issue is I have trouble finding the holes. And on the left side because of my arm does not have full range of motion, and it is even harder getting the back on. My girlfriend usually does it for me. I have a pink ice, gold post, and pearl ones in addition to those dangling one.

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  2. DeeDee I love those dragonfly danglies! I don’t wear big earrings too often, but today I have a set of big silver hoops on as I won’t be going out anywhere. With masks to wear I’ve found anything much more than a stud is a pain to manage. My partner loves dangling ear rings so she manages the mask straps.

    At this point in the process having to grow out the hair is annoying but soon you’ll be past that. I have a number of white stragglers that don’t really show so I don’t shave them. Keep moving forward. You’re doing well.

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    1. Thanks Judi, I just thought they were beautiful and loved how they caught the light. I did however somehow manage to draw blood on one side putting my studs back in this evening, so I guess I still need more practice!


  3. I can so relate to this post. I am currently going through some personal life style changes myself, and decided to guage up to single 0. As such I have had to re-evaluate my earring fashion and personal asstetic. It’s a chance to ask who am I am how do I want the world to see me. So several hundreds of dollars later I have assembled a jewlery box full of earrings that scream me! Wishing you much joy and fun on discovering your style.
    Ps. You totally need to get some dice earings for when you play D&D.

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