My appointment went well. Some point soon I will receive my estrogen patch prescription and then it is entirely up to me when I get it filled. Starting twice weekly until my review in January.

Interstingly thanks to Covid, although this was a video call, it was also the first time the doctor from the GIC had seen me face to face in almost two years, the last time we met in person I was still attending appointments in man mode, so I think she was pleased and a little amused with the changes.

We went through the consent forms again, listing all the positives, listing all the negatives and double checking I had no questions or conserns and was aware that many of the physical changes are permanent. This time when I commented that surely that was kind of the whole idea she did laugh. All in all a very quick 20-30 minute appointment.

The new and interesting fact I learnt today though was that for now my “CHI” (Commuinity Health Index) number, which is only ever used by professionals when they look at your medical notes obviously shows me as male. If I contact my GP I can request that the number is changed to reflect my gender so that my records will categorise me as female during any future interactions.

I can’t wait to get started!