More of the same

Having been out of it for nearly 2 weeks thanks to catching the plague I am now back out in the big bad world, but trying to shift the cough I have been left with means I am keeping my mask on so others feel comfortable around me.

I signed up to an lqbtq+ only app which is based around the old school newspaper ads in order to make friends, the idea being you put up a little wanted message and people respond if they want to, though it was incredibly scary to do, and I still wasnt brave enough to include a wee profile pic. I’m hoping that I will start being able to join some real life community functions as myself, and get away from being quite so isolated and alone.

I had to cancel my electrolysis appointments, but was trying not to shave successfully up until yesterday, when I had to attend a wedding (as him) and so needed to be clean shaven and wear a shirt.

The suit jacket actually came in handy to hide my baby bumps which are now starting to be a bit more noticable under the shirt material.

I usually leave 2 weeks between appointments, so now I’ll have to wait a fortnight to start up again.

Although it’s very unlikely that I will be able to travel to any of the Pride events going on this month or even over summer.

I still bought some dangly rainbow earrings to wear, a tee with rainbow hearts on a plain black background, although it was unisex which just means I can wear it 100% of the time, and I ordered a wrap skirt off etsy along with a she/her cute little button pin badge. I have to say, I prefer giving my money to small businesses over giant corporations and so far etsy has absolutely delivered 100%

I’m hopeful that I’ll get a few chances to wear my skirts this summer, it doesn’t look like I’m going to get much time away, but even spending a day or two with my friends as myself would be nice. I am still very self conscious about how I look and how I soound when I talk, so the more I get to be me, the more comfortable I hope to become – even if I never end up with the coveted summer beach bod.

Wrap skirts may become my new favourite piece of clothing, they are cute, comfortable, feminine, and flattering… or at least I think so! I just need to spend some time practicing putting them on properly.

Rushing to try on my new purchase from AbandonedWarehouse!
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