Getting back to hair removal

Last Friday I was finally able to restart my electrolysis. Knowing that the rest of my treatment cost is covered by the NHS means that I will try for weekly appointments of 3-5 hours until I can get cleared and we run out of hairs to kill on a regular basis.

Electrolysis is an odd thing, I look forward to spending a few hours as myself. I get to dress the way I hope to be dressing most of the time soon, and I get a chance to practice my voice, and even pop into the shops if I am feeling brave.

Of course the down side is that for most of those hours I am in pain, even with the lidocaine numbing cream, electrolysis stings! You get the stabs of the needle zapping followed by the hairs being plucked out individually; for me the soft part just under my jawline seems to be just as painful as the stabbing on the thin skin of my top lip.

The other thing is having to grow my hair out between sessions. Walking around with facial fuzz feels horrible enough, walking around with fuzz as Dee is just downright horrible – the reprieve is that at least I can wear a mask to cover it before my sessions, but afterwards I have a cooling cream and in order for my skin to heal quickly I cannot put the mask on. Inevitably I shave the next morning (or when I get in depending on where I am staying) and while it is sensitive, at least my face is balanced out and any missed hairs caught, but then I have to leave it to grow for a week in order for there to be enough growth for the nesxt session.

This time window is short for me, because my session last Friday was 5 hours, and the one this Friday will be similar, from next week onwards, the growth will simply be whatever sprouts naturally, but as horrible as the above picture is, it is even worse when you are the person walking around with a beard covering half your face and just hoping that people are so caught up with their own stuff that they do not notice. I did switch wigs though, so now I wear a darker, but shorter styled bob for my appointments so that I can keep the hair out of the cream during the session, washing wigs is a simple enough process, but finding somewhere for them to dry is a faff (though it is something I will be sorting out this year).

Last Friday I also bought myself some new nail polish, Rimmel 560 “Lovey Dovey”, while the name is a bit cringe inducing the colour is gorgeous, so I put it on today because I know I won’t be anywhere where someone will see it over the next day or so. The picture really doesn’t do it justice.